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1194 1381d 22h tk /trunk/apps/controllers/blm_scalar/ BLM scalar: add optional mappings  
1193 1398d 23h Marxon /playground/marxon/trunk/apps/  
1192 1398d 23h Marxon /playground/marxon/trunk/  
1191 1398d 23h Marxon /playground/marxon/  
1190 1411d 04h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v2/ MBSIDV2: added instrument selection via SysEx  
1189 1552d 23h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v2/ MIDIbox SID V2: added SuperSaw detune mode (created by Lis0r)  
1188 1556d 22h tk /trunk/ ucapps updates  
1187 1556d 22h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps updates  
1186 1558d 00h tk /trunk/ ucapps updates  
1185 1570d 23h tk /trunk/schematics/line_drivers/ mbhp_line_driver: make PCBs smaller  
1184 1599d 21h tk /trunk/ added schematics for line drivers  
1183 1599d 21h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps updates  
1182 1642d 01h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_808/ MB808: added wish list item  
1181 1654d 22h tk /trunk/ ucapps updates  
1180 1654d 22h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_808/ midibox_808: improved doc about required resistor values  
1179 1684d 03h tk /trunk/apps/controllers/mbhp_mf_ng/ mbhp_mf_ng_v1_005  
1178 1684d 03h tk /trunk/apps/controllers/mbhp_mf_ng/tools/ mbhp_mf_ng: added README.txt  
1177 1684d 03h tk /trunk/apps/controllers/mbhp_mf_ng/ mbhp_mf_ng_v1_005  
1176 1705d 01h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_808/ MB808: new options  
1175 1712d 20h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_808/src/ MB808: improved dimming for gate triggers  
1174 1712d 23h tk /trunk/apps/sequencers/midibox_808/ MB808: improved Gate/Aux layer handling  
1173 1723d 12h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_midi_io/ MBHP_MIDI_IO: fixed input supply voltage  
1172 1723d 23h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps updates  
1171 1724d 00h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_midi_io/ added mbhp_midi_io schematic  
1170 1726d 06h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_core_stm32f4/ mbhp_core_stm32f4 schematic: fixed typo  
1169 1731d 00h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_fm_v1/ MBFM: corrected doc  
1168 1731d 21h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_fm_v1/ MBFM: support for 8bit LCDs  
1167 1745d 01h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_fm_v1/ctrlr/ MBFM: Ctrlr panel updates for latest version  
1166 1748d 00h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v2/ctrlr/ adaptions to latest Ctrlr version  
1165 1751d 22h tk /trunk/mios/ MIOS8: improved speed handling  
1164 1758d 00h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v2/ MBSID: improve ENC behaviour  
1163 1759d 02h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v2/ MBSID: added enc speed test  
1162 1782d 21h tk /trunk/ucapps/ ucapps updates  
1161 1810d 03h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_fm_v1/src/ MBFM: avoid compiler warning for PIC18F452  
1160 1867d 22h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_fm_v1/ midibox_fm_v1_4i  
1159 1873d 20h tk /trunk/schematics/line_drivers/ added line driver schematic  
1158 1874d 01h tk /trunk/schematics/ schematic updates  
1157 1877d 20h tk /trunk/apps/synthesizers/midibox_fm_v1/src/ midibox_fm_v1_4h  
1156 1882d 22h tk /trunk/schematics/mbhp_core_lpc17/ another schematic update  
1155 1882d 23h tk /trunk/schematics/ schematic updates