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/* -*- mode:C++; tab-width:4; c-basic-offset:4; indent-tabs-mode:nil -*- */
// $Id: MbCv.h 1960 2014-02-09 20:21:24Z tk $
 * MIDIbox CV Unit
 * ==========================================================================
 *  Copyright (C) 2010 Thorsten Klose (
 *  Licensed for personal non-commercial use only.
 *  All other rights reserved.
 * ==========================================================================

#ifndef _MB_CV_H
#define _MB_CV_H

#include <mios32.h>
#include "MbCvClock.h"
#include "MbCvMidiVoice.h"
#include "MbCvVoice.h"
#include "MbCvLfo.h"
#include "MbCvEnv.h"
#include "MbCvEnvMulti.h"
#include "MbCvArp.h"
#include "MbCvSeqBassline.h"
#include "MbCvMod.h"

class MbCv
    // Constructor

    // Destructor

    // the assigned CV channel number (only used for debugging)
    u8 cvNum;

    // reference to clock generator
    MbCvClock *mbCvClockPtr;

    // initializes the sound engines
    void init(u8 _cvNum, MbCvClock *_mbCvClockPtr);

    // sound engine update cycle
    // returns true if CV registers have to be updated
    bool tick(const u8 &updateSpeedFactor);

    // MIDI access
    void midiReceive(mios32_midi_port_t port, mios32_midi_package_t midi_package);
    void midiReceiveNote(u8 chn, u8 note, u8 velocity);
    void midiReceiveCC(u8 chn, u8 ccNumber, u8 value);
    void midiReceivePitchBend(u8 chn, u16 pitchbendValue14bit);
    void midiReceiveAftertouch(u8 chn, u8 value);

    // should be called whenver the patch has been changed
    void updatePatch(bool forceEngineInit);

    // MIDI voice (only one per channel)
    MbCvMidiVoice mbCvMidiVoice;

    // CV voice
    MbCvVoice mbCvVoice;

    // modulators
    array<MbCvLfo, 2> mbCvLfo;
    array<MbCvEnv, 1> mbCvEnv1;
    array<MbCvEnvMulti, 1> mbCvEnv2;
    MbCvArp mbCvArp;
    MbCvSeqBassline mbCvSeqBassline;

    // modulation matrix
    MbCvMod mbCvMod;

    // last external gate sample
    u16 lastExternalGateValue;

    // note handling
    void noteOn(u8 note, u8 velocity, bool bypassNotestack);
    void noteOff(u8 note, bool bypassNotestack);
    void noteAllOff(bool bypassNotestack);

    // trigger handling
    void triggerNoteOn(MbCvVoice *v);
    void triggerNoteOff(MbCvVoice *v);

    // NRPN parameter handling
    bool setNRPN(u16 nrpnNumber, u16 value);
    bool getNRPN(u16 nrpnNumber, u16 *value);
    bool getNRPNInfo(u16 nrpnNumber, MbCvNrpnInfoT *info);


#endif /* _MB_CV_H */