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# demonstrates how to control the MIDI clock generator


LCD "%C"

# the SCS should emulate button/enc functions in main page
SCS soft1_button_emu_id=2000 \
    soft2_button_emu_id=2001 \
    soft3_button_emu_id=2002 \
    soft4_button_emu_id=2003 \
    shift_button_emu_id=2004 \

# MIDI Clock Assignments
EVENT_BUTTON  id=2000  hw_id=2000  button_mode=OnOnly  type=Meta  meta=MClkPlay                   lcd_pos=1:1:1 label="%4t"
EVENT_BUTTON  id=2001  hw_id=2001  button_mode=OnOnly  type=Meta  meta=MClkStop                   lcd_pos=1:1:1 label="%4t"
EVENT_BUTTON  id=2002  hw_id=2002  button_mode=OnOnly  type=Meta  meta=MClkDecTempo  range=1:400  lcd_pos=1:6:1 label="%3T BPM"
EVENT_BUTTON  id=2003  hw_id=2003  button_mode=OnOnly  type=Meta  meta=MClkIncTempo  range=1:400  lcd_pos=1:6:1 label="%3T BPM"

# redundant; just to check the combined Play/Stop button:
EVENT_BUTTON  id=2004  hw_id=2004  button_mode=OnOnly  type=Meta  meta=MClkPlayStop                lcd_pos=1:1:1 label="%4t"

# control tempo with encoder
EVENT_ENC  id=2000  hw_id=2000  type=Meta  meta=MClkSetTempo  value=120  range=1:400               lcd_pos=1:6:1 label="%3T BPM"