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LCD "%CKeyboard Test"

# reduce number of SRs for faster scan
# with 2 SRs the scan takes ca. 500 uS instead of 2.5 mS
SRIO num_sr=2

# keyboard configuration
KEYBOARD n=1   rows=8  dout_sr1=1  dout_sr2=2  din_sr1=1  din_sr2=2 \
               din_inverted=0  break_inverted=0  din_key_offset=32 \
               scan_velocity=1  scan_optimized=0  make_debounced=1  break_is_make=0  note_offset=28 \
               delay_fastest=5  delay_fastest_black_keys=0  delay_slowest=100

EVENT_KB id=1  type=NoteOn chn=1 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:127  lcd_pos=1:1:1 label="Note %n"

# Pitch- and Modulation wheel are connected to an AINSER module
# (we enable all 64 inputs)
AINSER n=1   enabled=1  cs=0  num_pins=64  resolution=7bit

# optional: calibrate the wheels between a "physically limited" min/max value.
# Set also "spread_center" for the PitchBend wheel to ensure that the middle value
# will be sent when the wheel is around the center.
# In order to determine these values, enter "set debug on" in MIOS Terminal,
# and move the wheels to the min and max position. Enter the min/max values here:
AINSER pinrange=1:18:4065:spread_center
AINSER pinrange=2:18:4065

EVENT_AINSER id=1  type=PitchBend  chn= 1        range=0:16383 lcd_pos=1:1:2  label="PitchBender: %5d%B"
EVENT_AINSER id=2  type=CC         chn= 1 cc= 1  range=0:127   lcd_pos=1:1:2  label="ModWheel:      %3d%B"