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HEADER 3 ChangeLog of MIDIbox CV

<CENTER><H1>MIDIbox CV Change Log</H1></CENTER>
<CENTER><H3>Last Release: V1.3 @ 2011-12-18</H3></CENTER>

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  <LI>external clock divider now handled correctly if song position pointer
     is received instead of MIDI start event

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  <LI>support for MBHP_AOUT_NG module</LI>

  <LI>support for BankStick.<BR>
    Up to 128 patches can be stored in a 32k BankStick (24LC256),
    they can either be selected from the control surface, or via
    Program Change (channel assignable in main.asm)<BR>
    <B>!!! IMPORTANT !!!</B><BR>
    BankStick at CS#0 will be formatted automatically if this hasn't
    been done before. This could lead to data loss if you upload
    the application into a MIDIbox which is normaly running with
    another firmware which accesses the BankStick (e.g. MBSID or MBSEQ)
    Solution: either remove the BankStick from core module, or
    disable it in main.asm (-> DEFAULT_BANKSTICK_NUMBER 0)</LI>

  <LI> added linear interpolation function which allows to smooth 
    the CV output curve by a configurable slew rate from 1 mS to 64 mS
    This feature is especially useful when CV outputs are controlled
    by 7bit velocity or CC values, as it gets use of the full 12bit
    resolution and reduces zipper noise dramatically.<BR>
    **MP3**""#ffffff** <SPAN CLASS=LI><I>CC filter sweep without interpolation</I></SPAN><BR>
    **MP3**""#ffffff** <SPAN CLASS=LI><I>CC filter sweep with interpolation</I></SPAN><BR>

  <LI> legato/mono/poly mode setting now selectable for each channel separately</LI>

  <LI> main page now displays patch number, patch name and 8 animated
    (short-triggered) activity meters</LI>

  <LI> there is now a DIN sync start/stop output available at pin C.1

  <LI> the DIN sync clock output is now located at pin C.0 by default
    (CORE::J7:RC, consistent with MBSEQ)</LI>

  <LI> minor bugfixes</LI>

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  <LI>support for MBHP_AOUT_LC module</LI>

  <LI>a calibration menu page has been added</LI>

  <LI>the gate polarity can now be changed separately for each channel</LI>

  <LI>an output curve can now be selected for each channel separately.<BR>
    Available curves: 1V/Oct, Hz/V, Inverted, Exponential</LI>

  <LI>a clock output is now provided to generate pulses from an incoming
    MIDI clock. Provided rates: 24 ppqn / 1..16 and 96/46/32 ppqn (interpolated)<BR>
    The default pin is RD4 (Core Module, J14)<BR>
    The default pulsewidth is 1 mS<BR>
    Both settings can be changed in main.asm</LI>

  <LI><B>NOTE:</B> the 8 gate outputs are available at J5, this option is
    DISABLED by default, it has to be enabled by setting
    the ENABLE_J5 switch to 1 in main.asm<BR>
    This is to reduce the risk that somebody doesn't read the 
    documentation and uploads the firmware on a MIDIbox64 (or similar), 
    where J5 is used as pot input. A short circuit would happen which 
    could destroy the port drivers!</LI>

<IMG SRC="images/1x1dot.gif" height=20 ALT=""><BR>
    <LI> initial release</LI>