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<TITLE>Running External Commands</TITLE>
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<CENTER><H1>Running External Commands</H1></CENTER>
Buttons can be added to the MIOS Studio toolbar to launch external commands, run scripts, etc. To setup an external command button:

    <li>Right-click on the MIOS Studio toolbar and select "Add External Command Button".
    <br><br><img src="images/external_add.png"><br><br></li>

    <li>On the newly added button, right-click and select "Properties" to bring up the External Command Button Properties box.<br><br><img src="images/external_menu.png"><br><br></li>

    <li>In the External Command Button Properties box, add a name and/or a description for the button in the 'Command Name' field. Add the command to be run in the 'Command String' field - this is the command that you would us in a shell prompt, shortcut, run dialog, etc.<br><br><img src="images/external_properties.png"><br><br></li>

    <li>After pressing 'OK', the button will be configured to run the external command when pressed. Keyboard shorcuts (Alt + 1..9) will be automatically assigned for the first 9 external command buttons added to the toolbar.<br><br><img src="images/external_tooltip.png"><br><br></li>