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$Id: CHANGELOG.txt 1182 2014-09-21 18:00:28Z tk $

MIDIbox Seq Dr V1.4

   o if Gate and Aux trigger layer selected at once, both layers can be cycled with the
     GP buttons in 3 states:
     - Gate On, Aux Off (appr. LED will be dimmed)
     - Gate On, Aux On (LED full brightness)
     - Gate Off, Aux Off (LED off)

   o Gate and Aux trigger layer now selected by default after power-on

   o new option in setup_*.asm: DEFAULT_AUX_LAYER_ASSIGN

   o new option in setup_*.asm: DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_CONTROL_ENABLED
     (OH and CH share the same trigger and set a selection pin)

MIDIbox Seq Dr V1.3a

   o backward mode and progression now working correctly for tracks with more than 16 steps

MIDIbox Seq Dr V1.3

   o the MIDIbox 808 application has been renamed to the more generic name "MIDIbox SEQ Dr"

   o added setup_seq_dr_default which is prepared for the MBSEQDR PCB

   o DOUT pins in DEFAULT_TRKINFO table are now specified with the actual Dx number
     (previously the pin number was mirrored (7-pin), this was leading to some confusion)

   o accent track now also increases velocity of outgoing MIDI notes

   o corrected SysEx dump handling

   o accent via DOUTs

MIDIbox 808 V1.2

  o Groove function now takes the global step has reference instead of the local step.
    This results into better results on a non-linear step progression.

  o Synch-to-Measure working as intended again

  o Options Page: added Synched Section Change option (GP button #3)

  o Options Page: added Synched Pattern Change option (GP button #4)

  o Pattern page: GP LEDs of currently played pattern are flashing to the beat

  o press SHIFT and move Instrument encoder to rotate a pattern

MIDIbox 808 V1.1c

   o Bugfix for MIDI Output (some note off events were filtered)

MIDIbox 808 V1.1b

   o GP LEDs now show track activity in Mute page

MIDIbox 808 V1.1a

   o built for MIOS V1.9g (or higher) to support new encoder types.
     Rotary encoders won't work with older MIOS versions!

MIDIbox 808 V1.1

   o steps per measure can now be selected in the previous "spare page"
     Values: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32
     In song/chain mode, the value defines after how many steps the next
     pattern is selected.

MIDIbox 808 V1.0

   o initial version


Wish List:

correct handling of loop point > 16