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; $Id:
; SysEx reference table
; ==========================================================================
;  Copyright 1998-2006 Thorsten Klose (
;  Licensed for personal non-commercial use only.
;  All other rights reserved.
; ==========================================================================

;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;  IN: index of SysEx entry (0x00-0xff) in WREG
;;  OUT: appr. CC number in WREG - if [7] set, no CC available
;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------
    btfsc   WREG, 7; Wavtable area: return 0xff
    retlw 0xff          

    addlw   TIA_SYSEX_TABLE & 0xff          ; calc: TIA_SYSEX_TABLE + index
    movwf   TBLPTRL                 ; result in TBLPTR[LH]
    clrf    TBLPTRH
    movlw   (TIA_SYSEX_TABLE >> 8) & 0xff
    addwfc  TBLPTRH, F
    tblrd*                      ; read from table
    movf    TABLAT, W               ; return table entry

    ;; SyxTab maps the SysEx offset to the CC number
    ;; 0x00-0x0f
    db  0x80, 0x81  ; Patch Name
    db  0x82, 0x83
    db  0x84, 0x85
    db  0x86, 0x87
    db  0x88, 0x89
    db  0x8a, 0x8b
    db  0x8c, 0x8d
    db  0x8e, 0x8f

    ;; 0x10-0x1f
    db  0x07, 0x7f  ; Master Volume, Play Mode
    db  0x7b, 0x73  ; SusKey, ENVx curves
    db  0x7d, 0x56  ; MIDI Sync, Modulation Sync 
    db  0xff, 0xff  ; 
    db  0xff, 0xff  ; 
    db  0x77, 0x02  ; Modulation Assign, Modulation Init Value
    db  0x0b, 0x78  ; Modulation Depth, Aftertouch Assign
    db  0x03, 0x0c  ; Aftertouch Init Value, Aftertouch Depth   

    ;; 0x20-0x2f 
    ;; Voice 1 (AUD0)
    db  0x09, 0x17  ; V1 Volume, V1 Transpose
    db  0x11, 0x14  ; V1 Waveform, V1 Mo0x24de
    db  0x1a, 0x1d  ; V1 PitchRange, V1 Portamento
    db  0x20, 0x23  ; V1 Arp Rate, V1 Delay
    db  0x26, 0x29  ; V1 Key Offset, V1 Key Length
    db  0x90, 0x91  ; Split V1 Lower, Split V1 Upper
    db  0x2c, 0x05  ; V1 Velocity Assign, V1 Velocity Init Value
    db  0x0e, 0x2f  ; V1 Velocity Depth, ENVAUD0 Options
    ;; 0x30-0x3f    
    db  0x32, 0x35  ; ENVAUD0 Depth, ENVAUD0 Curve
    db  0x38, 0x3b  ; ENVAUD0 Attack, ENVAUD0 Decay
    db  0x3e, 0x41  ; ENVAUD0 Sustain, ENVAUD0 Release
    db  0x44, 0x47  ; V1 Sofware Options, V1 Wavetable Bank
    db  0x4a, 0x4d  ; V1 Wavetable Patch, V1 Wavetable Rate
    db  0x50, 0x53  ; V1 Kit Bank, V1 Kit Patch
    db  0x58, 0x5b  ; V1 Assigned Amplitude Mods, V1 Assigned Pitch Mods
    db  0xff, 0xff  ;
    ;; Voice 2 (AUD1)
    ;; 0x40-0x4f
    db  0x0a, 0x18  ; V2 Volume, V2 Transpose
    db  0x12, 0x15  ; V2 Waveform, V2 Mode
    db  0x1b, 0x1e  ; V2 PitchRange, V2 Portamento
    db  0x21, 0x24  ; V2 Arp Rate, V2 Delay
    db  0x27, 0x2a  ; V2 Key Offset, V2 Key Length
    db  0x91, 0x92  ; Split V2 Lower, Split V2 Upper
    db  0x2d, 0x06  ; V2 Velocity Assign, V2 Velocity Init Value
    db  0x0f, 0x30  ; V2 Velocity Depth, ENVAUD1 Options
    ;; 0x50-0x5f    
    db  0x33, 0x36  ; ENVAUD1 Depth, ENVAUD1 Curve
    db  0x39, 0x3c  ; ENVAUD1 Attack, ENVAUD1 Decay
    db  0x3f, 0x42  ; ENVAUD1 Sustain, ENVAUD1 Release
    db  0x45, 0x48  ; V2 Sofware Options, V2 Wavetable Bank
    db  0x4b, 0x4e  ; V2 Wavetable Patch, V2 Wavetable Rate
    db  0x51, 0x54  ; V2 Kit Bank, V2 Kit Patch
    db  0x59, 0x5c  ; V2 Assigned Amplitude Mods, V2 Assigned Pitch Mods
    db  0xff, 0xff  ;

    ;; 0x60-0x77
    db  0x5d, 0x61  ; LFO1 Mode, LFO1 Rate
    db  0x65, 0x5e  ; LFO1 Depth, LFO2 Mode
    db  0x62, 0x66  ; LFO2 Rate, LFO2 Depth
    db  0x5f, 0x63  ; LFO3 Mode, LFO3 Rate
    db  0x67, 0x60  ; LFO3 Depth, LFO4 Mode
    db  0x64, 0x68  ; LFO4 Rate, LFO4 Depth
    db  0x69, 0x6b  ; ENV1 Depth, ENV1 Curve
    db  0x6d, 0x6f  ; ENV1 Attack, ENV1 Decay
    db  0x71, 0x73  ; ENV1 Sustain, ENV1 Release
    db  0x6a, 0x6c  ; ENV2 Depth, ENV2 Curve
    db  0x6e, 0x70  ; ENV2 Attack, ENV2 Decay
    db  0x72, 0x74  ; ENV2 Sustain, ENV2 Release

    db  0xff, 0xff  ;
    db  0xff, 0xff  ;
    db  0xff, 0xff  ; CFG Reserved
    db  0xff, 0xff  ; CFG Reserved

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