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; $Id:
; Patch Preset (EEPROM content)
; ==========================================================================
;  Copyright 1998-2006 Thorsten Klose (
;  Licensed for personal non-commercial use only.
;  All other rights reserved.
; ==========================================================================
    de      'I','n','t','e','r','n','a','l',' ','P','a','t','c','h',' ',' '

;; NOTE: due to a bug in the PIC18F assembler, we have to define the presets on a very laborious way

EEPROM_PATCH_MASTER_VOLUME                        de 0x7f, 0x00   ;; 0x10
EEPROM_PATCH_POLY                                 ;de 0x00        ;; 0x11
EEPROM_PATCH_SUSKEY                               de 0x00, 0x00   ;; 0x12
EEPROM_PATCH_ENVx_CURVES                          ;de 0x00        ;; 0x13
EEPROM_PATCH_MIDI_SYNC                            de 0x00, 0x00   ;; 0x14
EEPROM_PATCH_MOD_SYNC                             ;de 0x00        ;; 0x15
EEPROM_PATCH_FREE1                                de 0x00, 0x00   ;; 0x16
EEPROM_PATCH_FREE2                                ;de 0x00        ;; 0x17
EEPROM_PATCH_FREE3                                de 0x00, 0x00   ;; 0x18
EEPROM_PATCH_FREE4                                ;de 0x00        ;; 0x19
EEPROM_PATCH_MODULATION_ASSIGN                    de 0x00, 0x00   ;; 0x1a
EEPROM_PATCH_MODULATION_INIT                      ;de 0x00        ;; 0x1b
EEPROM_PATCH_MODULATION_DEPTH                     de 0x7f, 0x00   ;; 0x1c
EEPROM_PATCH_AFTERTOUCH_ASSIGN                    ;de 0x00        ;; 0x1d
EEPROM_PATCH_AFTERTOUCH_INIT                      de 0x00, 0x7f   ;; 0x1e
EEPROM_PATCH_AFTERTOUCH_DEPTH                     ;de 0x7f        ;; 0x1f

EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_VOLUME                        de 0x7f, 0x40 ;; 0x20
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_TRANSPOSE                     ;de 0x40        ;; 0x21
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_WAVEFORM                      de 0x04, 0x00 ;; 0x22
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_MODE                          ;de 0x00        ;; 0x23
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_PITCHRANGE                    de 0x02, 0x00 ;; 0x24
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_PORTAMENTO                    ;de 0x00        ;; 0x25
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_ARPEGGIATOR                   de 0x00, 0x00   ;; 0x26
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_DELAY                         ;de 0x00        ;; 0x27
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_KEY_OFFSET                    de 0x18, 0x1f   ;; 0x28
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_KEY_LENGTH                    ;de 0x1f      ;; 0x29
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_SPLIT_LOWER                   de 0x00, 0x00 ;; 0x2a
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_SPLIT_UPPER                   ;de 0x00        ;; 0x2b
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_VEL_ASSIGN                    de 0x00, 0x00   ;; 0x2c
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_VEL_INIT                      ;de 0x00      ;; 0x2d
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_VEL_DEPTH                     de 0x7f, 0x00 ;; 0x2e
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_ENV_OPTION                    ;de 0x00        ;; 0x2f
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_ENV_DEPTH                     de 0x40, 0x40 ;; 0x30
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_ENV_CURVE                     ;de 0x40      ;; 0x31
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_ENV_ATTACK                    de 0x00, 0x7f   ;; 0x32
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_ENV_DECAY                     ;de 0x7f        ;; 0x33
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_ENV_SUSTAIN                   de 0x7f, 0x00   ;; 0x34
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_ENV_RELEASE                   ;de 0x00        ;; 0x35
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_OPTIONS                       de 0x00, 0x00 ;; 0x36
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_WBANK                         ;de 0x00        ;; 0x37
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_WT                            de 0x00, 0x00   ;; 0x38
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_WT_RATE                       ;de 0x10        ;; 0x39
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_KBANK                         de 0x00, 0x00 ;; 0x3a
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_KIT                           ;de 0x00        ;; 0x5b
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_MOD2AMP                       de 0x00, 0x00 ;; 0x5c
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_MOD2PITCH                     ;de 0x00        ;; 0x3d
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_FREE2                         de 0x00, 0x00 ;; 0x3e
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE1_FREE3                         ;de 0x00        ;; 0x3f

EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_VOLUME                        de 0x7f, 0x40 ;; 0x40
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_TRANSPOSE                     ;de 0x40        ;; 0x41
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_WAVEFORM                      de 0x00, 0x00 ;; 0x42
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_MODE                          ;de 0x00        ;; 0x43
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_PITCHRANGE                    de 0x02, 0x00 ;; 0x44
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_PORTAMENTO                    ;de 0x00        ;; 0x45
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_ARPEGGIATOR                   de 0x00, 0x00   ;; 0x46
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_DELAY                         ;de 0x00        ;; 0x47
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_KEY_OFFSET                    de 0x3c, 0x1f   ;; 0x48
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_KEY_LENGTH                    ;de 0x1f      ;; 0x49
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_SPLIT_LOWER                   de 0x00, 0x00 ;; 0x4a
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_SPLIT_UPPER                   ;de 0x00        ;; 0x4b
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_VEL_ASSIGN                    de 0x00, 0x00   ;; 0x4c
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_VEL_INIT                      ;de 0x00      ;; 0x4d
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_VEL_DEPTH                     de 0x7f, 0x00 ;; 0x4e
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_ENV_OPTION                    ;de 0x00        ;; 0x4f
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_ENV_DEPTH                     de 0x40, 0x40 ;; 0x50
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_ENV_CURVE                     ;de 0x40      ;; 0x51
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_ENV_ATTACK                    de 0x00, 0x7f   ;; 0x52
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_ENV_DECAY                     ;de 0x7f        ;; 0x53
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_ENV_SUSTAIN                   de 0x7f, 0x00   ;; 0x54
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_ENV_RELEASE                   ;de 0x00        ;; 0x55
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_OPTIONS                       de 0x00, 0x00 ;; 0x56
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_WBANK                         ;de 0x00        ;; 0x57
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_WT                            de 0x00, 0x00   ;; 0x58
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_WT_RATE                       ;de 0x10        ;; 0x59
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_KBANK                         de 0x00, 0x00 ;; 0x5a
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_KIT                           ;de 0x00        ;; 0x5b
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_MOD2AMP                       de 0x00, 0x00 ;; 0x5c
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_MOD2PITCH                     ;de 0x00        ;; 0x5d
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_FREE2                         de 0x00, 0x00 ;; 0x5e
EEPROM_PATCH_VOICE2_FREE3                         ;de 0x00        ;; 0x5f

EEPROM_PATCH_LFO1_MODE                            de 0x07, 0x10 ;; 0x60
EEPROM_PATCH_LFO1_RATE                            ;de 0x10        ;; 0x61
EEPROM_PATCH_LFO1_DEPTH                           de 0x7f, 0x07 ;; 0x62
EEPROM_PATCH_LFO2_MODE                            ;de 0x07        ;; 0x63
EEPROM_PATCH_LFO2_RATE                            de 0x20, 0x00 ;; 0x64
EEPROM_PATCH_LFO2_DEPTH                           ;de 0x00        ;; 0x65
EEPROM_PATCH_LFO3_MODE                            de 0x01, 0x03 ;; 0x66
EEPROM_PATCH_LFO3_RATE                            ;de 0x03        ;; 0x67
EEPROM_PATCH_LFO3_DEPTH                           de 0x7f, 0x01 ;; 0x68
EEPROM_PATCH_LFO4_MODE                            ;de 0x01        ;; 0x69
EEPROM_PATCH_LFO4_RATE                            de 0x40, 0x00 ;; 0x6a
EEPROM_PATCH_LFO4_DEPTH                           ;de 0x00        ;; 0x6b

EEPROM_PATCH_ENV1_DEPTH                           de 0x7f, 0x40 ;; 0x6c 
EEPROM_PATCH_ENV1_CURVE                           ;de 0x40        ;; 0x6d
EEPROM_PATCH_ENV1_ATTACK                          de 0x40, 0x40   ;; 0x6e
EEPROM_PATCH_ENV1_DECAY                           ;de 0x40        ;; 0x6f
EEPROM_PATCH_ENV1_SUSTAIN                         de 0x40, 0x40 ;; 0x70
EEPROM_PATCH_ENV1_RELEASE                         ;de 0x40        ;; 0x71
EEPROM_PATCH_ENV2_DEPTH                           de 0x00, 0x40   ;; 0x72
EEPROM_PATCH_ENV2_CURVE                           ;de 0x40        ;; 0x73
EEPROM_PATCH_ENV2_ATTACK                          de 0x60, 0x60 ;; 0x74
EEPROM_PATCH_ENV2_DECAY                           ;de 0x60        ;; 0x75
EEPROM_PATCH_ENV2_SUSTAIN                         de 0x20, 0x40 ;; 0x76
EEPROM_PATCH_ENV2_RELEASE                         ;de 0x40        ;; 0x77

EEPROM_PATCH_FREE5                                de 0x00, 0x00 ;; 0x78
EEPROM_PATCH_FREE6                                ;de 0x00        ;; 0x79
EEPROM_PATCH_FREE7                                de 0x00, 0x00 ;; 0x7a
EEPROM_PATCH_FREE8                                ;de 0x00        ;; 0x7b

EEPROM_PATCH_V2_CHANNEL                           de (DEFAULT_MIDI_CHANNEL-1)& 0x0f, (DEFAULT_MIDI_CHANNEL-1)& 0x0f ;; 0x7c - can only be written with CFG command
EEPROM_PATCH_V1_CHANNEL                           ;de 0     ;; 0x7d - can only be written with CFG command
EEPROM_PATCH_DEVICE                               de DEFAULT_DEVICE_ID, 0x00  ;; 0x7e - can only be written with CFG command
EEPROM_PATCH_CFG_FREE                             ;de 0x00  ;; 0x7f - can only be written with CFG command