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# $Id: Makefile.orig

# define the processor here
PROCESSOR = 18f4685

# default flags to GPASM here

# include pathes (more will be added by files)

# optional defines that should be passed to GPASM

# default rule that defines the .hex files which should be created
# note: always require a "cleanall", since dependencies (e.g. on .h and .inc files) are not properly declared
all: cleanall setup_tia_base.hex setup_tia_cartridge.hex

# include the file
include $(MIOS_PATH)/include/makefile/

# include application specific LCD driver (dummy driver by default)
include $(MIOS_PATH)/modules/app_lcd/dummy/

# include J5 IO driver
include $(MIOS_PATH)/modules/j5_io/

# include AOUT driver
include $(MIOS_PATH)/modules/aout/

# include debug_msg driver
include $(MIOS_PATH)/modules/debug_msg/

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