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; $Id: 44 2008-01-30 21:39:30Z tk $
; Sinus Table
; generated with
; ==========================================================================
;  Copyright 1998-2007 Thorsten Klose (
;  Licensed for personal non-commercial use only.
;  All other rights reserved.
; ==========================================================================

    dw  0x0000
    dw  0x0192
    dw  0x0324
    dw  0x04b6
    dw  0x0647
    dw  0x07d9
    dw  0x096a
    dw  0x0afb
    dw  0x0c8b
    dw  0x0e1b
    dw  0x0fab
    dw  0x1139
    dw  0x12c8
    dw  0x1455
    dw  0x15e2
    dw  0x176d
    dw  0x18f8
    dw  0x1a82
    dw  0x1c0b
    dw  0x1d93
    dw  0x1f19
    dw  0x209f
    dw  0x2223
    dw  0x23a6
    dw  0x2528
    dw  0x26a8
    dw  0x2826
    dw  0x29a3
    dw  0x2b1f
    dw  0x2c98
    dw  0x2e11
    dw  0x2f87
    dw  0x30fb
    dw  0x326e
    dw  0x33de
    dw  0x354d
    dw  0x36ba
    dw  0x3824
    dw  0x398c
    dw  0x3af2
    dw  0x3c56
    dw  0x3db8
    dw  0x3f17
    dw  0x4073
    dw  0x41ce
    dw  0x4325
    dw  0x447a
    dw  0x45cd
    dw  0x471c
    dw  0x4869
    dw  0x49b4
    dw  0x4afb
    dw  0x4c3f
    dw  0x4d81
    dw  0x4ebf
    dw  0x4ffb
    dw  0x5133
    dw  0x5269
    dw  0x539b
    dw  0x54ca
    dw  0x55f5
    dw  0x571d
    dw  0x5842
    dw  0x5964
    dw  0x5a82
    dw  0x5b9d
    dw  0x5cb4
    dw  0x5dc7
    dw  0x5ed7
    dw  0x5fe3
    dw  0x60ec
    dw  0x61f1
    dw  0x62f2
    dw  0x63ef
    dw  0x64e8
    dw  0x65dd
    dw  0x66cf
    dw  0x67bd
    dw  0x68a6
    dw  0x698c
    dw  0x6a6d
    dw  0x6b4a
    dw  0x6c24
    dw  0x6cf9
    dw  0x6dca
    dw  0x6e96
    dw  0x6f5f
    dw  0x7023
    dw  0x70e2
    dw  0x719e
    dw  0x7255
    dw  0x7307
    dw  0x73b5
    dw  0x745f
    dw  0x7504
    dw  0x75a5
    dw  0x7641
    dw  0x76d9
    dw  0x776c
    dw  0x77fa
    dw  0x7884
    dw  0x7909
    dw  0x798a
    dw  0x7a05
    dw  0x7a7d
    dw  0x7aef
    dw  0x7b5d
    dw  0x7bc5
    dw  0x7c29
    dw  0x7c89
    dw  0x7ce3
    dw  0x7d39
    dw  0x7d8a
    dw  0x7dd6
    dw  0x7e1d
    dw  0x7e5f
    dw  0x7e9d
    dw  0x7ed5
    dw  0x7f09
    dw  0x7f38
    dw  0x7f62
    dw  0x7f87
    dw  0x7fa7
    dw  0x7fc2
    dw  0x7fd8
    dw  0x7fe9
    dw  0x7ff6
    dw  0x7ffd