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// It has the disadvantage, that some additional programming effort is required
// to parse the stream and sort it into (USB compliant) packages
// Somebody could think, that it would be better if MIOS32 would call
// APP_NotifyReceivedEvent() directly on each incoming SysEx package, but
// this could quickly lead to unexpected effects at the application side,
// e.g. if the OS uses USB package type 0xf (single byte events) to send
// the beginning part of a SysEx stream, as observed with PortMIDI under MacOS!
// Accordingly, this cumbersome data flow should lead to the most robust
// results - in the hope, that this application will never find its way into
// the MIDI Interface Blacklist! ->
// propagate realtime message immediately
if( sysex_byte >= 0xf8 ) {
mios32_midi_package_t p;