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MIDIbox NG V1.034
o Support for interpolation tables:
MAPs can now apply linear interpolation between data points.
This allows to quickly define curves without the need to enter the values for the complete range.
E.g. previously it was required to enter 128 values to create a curve for a CC controller,
now it's mostly sufficient to define the same with 3..4 data points. MBNG will interpolate
the values between these points.
Interpolation tables can be defined with following commands:
A BYTEI map can define up to 64 datapoints with 8bit resultion,
and a HWORDI map can define up to 32 datapoints with 16bit resolution.
Usage examples can be found under cfg/test/map* and cfg/test/kb_2.ngc
See the user manual for further explanations.
o Support for 16bit maps: with MAP<n>/HWORD 16bit values can be mapped.
o label "std_rgbled" renamed to "std_rgb" to avoid error message
o Cursor handling on SysEx based GLCD output should now work correctly if the big font is activated