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- There would be more performance tricks as in the BPM menue with the "fire preset function" like:
Selecting loops by holding a start and stop-step button (as already thought for BLM)
Being able to shift notes without hearing the scrolling (holding a button while scrolling, leaving the button and you hear it) & the same for other edits
BLM: I have a 4L and have been using the juice BLM as a faster more accurate way to input notes. It would be really handy to have a horizontal zoom feature. If the bar display at the bottom were clickable. No boxes =100% zoom and the grid is in its normal current mode displaying 16 1/4 notes. One box lit and you get 200% zoom and you get 16 1/16 notes of the section of the bar you have selected displayed. Selecting two consecutive boxes for 150% zoom to get 16 1/8 notes on the grid of the two adjoining boxes of the bar selected. Maybe there is already a way to do this but all I have been able to come up with in the manual and forums is using a full seq version 4 to set note length with the jog wheel or possibly manually recording in the sequence either from software or another midi device.
How are we going with shifting views on on the y axis? It's okay to view just 16 notes, but I find it restricts the usage, especially when using a "polyphonic" track.
Perhaps an additional idea: currently the encoder moves just one note up or down when a polyphonic track is enabled. Could the step encoder instead shift the whole shape by semitones?
Wishlist for MIDIbox SEQ V4 Plus