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<P CLASS=DESC>The 5th demo, played on a MBSID V2 in <A HREF="">MB-6582 case</A> -> <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">YouTube</A>, <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Vimeo (better audio quality)</A>.<BR>
<P CLASS=DESC>Another bassline demo - the patches can be downloaded from <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">from this forum thread</A>.<BR>
<H2> <IMG SRC="images/bullet.gif" ALT=""> Root Menu </H2>
<P CLASS=DESC>This is the root menu of the bassline engine. In difference to the <A HREF="midibox_sid_manual_l.html">Lead Engine</A>, you will miss the MOD (Modulation Matrix), TRG (Trigger Matrix) and WTC/WTE (Wavetable) entries. Instead, you will notice a new SEQ and SQC (Sequencer/Configuration menu)</P>
<CENTER><IMG SRC="midibox_sid/cs2/b_root1.gif" width=289 height=19 ALT="Root"></IMG></CENTER><BR>