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<H2> <IMG SRC="images/bullet.gif" ALT=""> Root Menu </H2>
<P CLASS=DESC>This is the root menu of the bassline engine. In difference to the <A HREF="midibox_sid_manual_l.html">Lead Engine</A>, you will miss the MOD (Modulation Matrix), TRG (Trigger Matrix) and WTC/WTE (Wavetable) entries. Instead, you will notice a new SEQ and SQC (Sequencer/Configuration menu)</P>
<CENTER><IMG SRC="midibox_sid/cs2/b_root1.gif" width=265 height=19 ALT="Root"></IMG></CENTER><BR>
<CENTER><IMG SRC="midibox_sid/cs2/b_root1.gif" width=289 height=19 ALT="Root"></IMG></CENTER><BR>
<P CLASS=DESC>The root menu gives you quick access the submenus, which are described below.</P>
<H2> <IMG SRC="images/bullet.gif" ALT=""> "Shift" Menu </H2>
99,22 → 99,36
<H2> <IMG SRC="images/bullet.gif" ALT=""> OSCillator menu </H2>
<CENTER><IMG SRC="midibox_sid/cs2/b_osc1.gif" width=361 height=19 ALT="Oscillator"></IMG></CENTER><BR>
<CENTER><IMG SRC="midibox_sid/cs2/b_osc1.gif" width=337 height=19 ALT="Oscillator"></IMG></CENTER><BR>
<P CLASS=DESC>All parameters have the same purpose like described for the <A HREF="midibox_sid_manual_l.html">Lead engine</A>. Instead of the OSC (oscillator), the <B>A</B>udio <B>Ch</B>annel has to be selected (LR/L-/-R).</P>
<P CLASS=DESC>Note that currently only a single oscillator is used by a bassline. Mainly due to the reason, that there is only a single filter anyhow. For later releases, some unisono options (e.g. detune) and Sync/Ringmodulation options are planned - they will result in a less TB303-like, but more "SIDish" sound.</P>
<P CLASS=DESC>Note that this page only controls a single ("master") oscillator. The remaining two ("slave") oscillators of each SID are configured from the O23 page.</P>
<P CLASS=DESC>The variable oscillator phase has only a simple replacement (Phs flag) which restarts the oscillator when the gate is activated. This feature is also known as "hard-sync" and especially useful for percussive sounds.</P>
<H2> <IMG SRC="images/bullet.gif" ALT=""> O23 menu </H2>
<CENTER><IMG SRC="midibox_sid/cs2/b_o23.gif" width=313 height=19 ALT="Oscillator"></IMG></CENTER><BR>
<P CLASS=DESC>Oscillator 2 and 3 of the SID are used as "slave oscillators" in bassline mode. This means, that their pitch and gate follow OSC1. This option is nice for fat unisono effects, but also for sync/ringmodulation, or layered waveforms - the resulting sound is less TB303-like, but much more "SIDish". Yessss, we want this!!! :-)</P>
<LI><B>ACh:</B> audio channel (Left/Right) - selects the bassline. Changes will be done for both basslines (LR), for the left one only (L-) or for the right one only (-R)</LI>
<LI><B>Wv2 and Wv3:</B> selects the waveforms of the slave oscillators. If disabled ("---"), the gate of the oscillators won't be triggered. Recommentation: use different waveforms to create SIDish timbres.</LI>
<LI><B>SR2 and SR3:</B> activates Sync/Ringmodulation for oscillator 2 and 3.</LI>
<LI><B>Oc2 and Oc3:</B> transposes the slave oscillators octave-wise.</LI>
<LI><B>PW2 and PW3:</B> sets the width of the pulse waveform (800: 1:1 duty cycle).</LI>
<LI><B>Nt2 and Nt3:</B> decouples the pitch of a slave oscillator from the master oscillator. Allows to play a slave oscillator at a specific pitch (e.g. C-3), especially useful for nice sync and ringmod effects.</LI>
<LI><B>Phs (Oscillator Phase Offset):</B> this function allows you to synchronize the phases of all three oscillators.<BR>
With Phs=0 they are freerunning - this is the prefered option for "analog" sounds. With Phs=1, they will be started at the same moment, whereas with Phs>1 the phase offset between the oscillators will be controlled in 0.4% steps (!).</LI>
<LI><B>Det (Detune):</B> detunes all oscillators by increasing/decreasing the finetune parameter. This allows you to create fat sounds with a single encoder turn!</LI>
<H2> <IMG SRC="images/bullet.gif" ALT=""> FILter menu </H2>
<CENTER><IMG SRC="midibox_sid/cs2/b_fil1.gif" width=386 height=38 ALT="Filter"></IMG></CENTER><BR>
<P CLASS=DESC>In difference to the <A HREF="midibox_sid_manual_l.html">Lead engine</A>, there is an additional <B>KTr</B> (Keytrack) parameter which increases the CutOff depending on the played note based on the keytrack factor (0..127). The usage is especially important on high resonance filter sounds, as it keeps the resonant frequency spectrum "on-track" with the note.</P>
<H2> <IMG SRC="images/bullet.gif" ALT=""> LFO menu </H2>
<CENTER><IMG SRC="midibox_sid/cs2/b_lfo1.gif" width=313 height=19 ALT="LFO"></IMG></CENTER><BR>
135,6 → 149,11
<P CLASS=DESC>In addition, a special decay value will be selected on accented notes (<B>DcA</B>), which should be shorter than the "normal" decay, so that the envelope will reach the sustain phase faster.</P>
<H2> <IMG SRC="images/bullet.gif" ALT=""> ConFiGuration menu </H2>
<P CLASS=DESC>Some basic settings for the MBSID Bassline engine are collected here. They have the same function like known from the <A HREF="midibox_sid_manual_l.html">Lead Engine</A></P>
<H2> <IMG SRC="images/bullet.gif" ALT=""> ARPeggiator menu </H2>
<CENTER><IMG SRC="midibox_sid/cs2/b_arp1.gif" width=530 height=38 ALT="Arpeggiator"></IMG></CENTER><BR>