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HEADER 3 ChangeLog of MIDIbox SID V2
<CENTER><H1>MIDIbox SID V2 Change Log</H1></CENTER>
<CENTER><H3>Last Release: 2013-03-20</H3></CENTER>
<CENTER><H3>Last Release: 2014-12-19</H3></CENTER>
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<LI> This version got an improved rotary encoder handling.<BR>
Please update to MIOS V1.9h before uploading the application, otherwise the improvements
won't be effective.
<LI> swapped behaviour of ENC speed control again, so that encoders are at fast speed
by default, and slow if SHIFT button pressed.<BR>
This behaviour can now be alternated in your setup_*.asm file by changing
<LI> implemented special encoder testmode which can be enabled with
DEFAULT_TESTMODE_ENC_SPEED in the setup_*.asm file
<LI> envelopes are now released properly when a note is played via the SysEx editor
(or with the PLAY button)
<LI> added new "SuperSaw" detune mode which has been created by Lis0r.<BR>
In distance to the normal (legacy) mode, results are much better especially on
higher detune values!<BR>
The detune mode (DtM) can be selected in the OSC page for lead engine patches, and
in the O23 page for bassline patches.
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<LI> fixed NRPN handling for Multi patches