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<LI> LFO MIDI Clock Sync has been overworked, it now supports 32 different
rates from 16 bars to 1/32 notes including triple and dotted delays!<BR>
If the CSn flag enabled the available rates are:<BR>
0=LFO disabled, 8=16 bars, 16=14 bars, 24=12 bars, 32=10 bars,
40=9 bars, 48=8 bars, 56=7 bars, 64=6 bars, 72=5 bars, 80=4 bars,
88=3.5 bars, 96=3 bars, 104=2.5 bars, 112=2 bars, 120=1.5 bars,
128=1 bar, 136=1/2., 144=1/1T, 152=1/2, 160=1/4., 168=1/2T,
176=1/4, 184=1/8., 192=1/4T, 200=1/8, 208=1/16., 216=1/8T,
224=1/16, 232=1/32., 240=1/16T, 248=1/32<BR>
Note that in MIDI Sync mode, the LFO Delay won't work because
the appr. resource is used as MIDI clock counter.
<LI> current bank and patch number won't be changed anymore on direct RAM
access via SysEx
<IMG SRC="images/1x1dot.gif" height=20 ALT=""><BR>
<LI><I>V2.0RC1 .. RC38</I>
<LI> not released yet - a release candidate is available in the <A HREF="mios_download.html">MIOS Download Section</A><BR>
Please read the README.txt and CHANGELOG.txt file of the package!</LI>
<LI>Please read the README.txt and CHANGELOG.txt file of the package!</LI>