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<LI><B>MBSEQ_S.V4:</B> 64 songs
<LI><B>MBSEQ_G.V4:</B> 16 customized groove styles
<LI><B>MBSEQ_C.V4:</B> the session configuration which stores MIDI port assignments, tempo maps, scale settings, loop parameters, the last played patterns/songs/mixer map, etc.
<LI><B>MBSEQ_BM.V4:</B> stores Bookmark 9-16
<P CLASS=INFO>Although a huge amount of data has to be managed, the sequencer continues to run stable while a session is changed/stored/created. A session change is performed in zero-time, storing and creating sessions can take ca. 20..60 seconds (depends on the performance of your SD Card). At this time the current patterns are still played, but any disk operation (e.g. if a song selects a new pattern) will be stalled until the operation is finished.</P>