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HEADER 3 ChangeLog of MIDIbox NG
<CENTER><H1>MIDIbox NG Change Log</H1></CENTER>
<CENTER><H3>Last Release: 2014-08-24</H3></CENTER>
<CENTER><H3>Last Release: 2014-11-09</H3></CENTER>
<P CLASS=DESC>Current firmware, schematics, additional infos are located at <A HREF="midibox_ng.html"></A>.</P>
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<LI> support for mathematical operations in .NGR script.
They have to be surrounded with square-brackets ([...])<BR>
Syntax: [&lt;left-operand&gt;&lt;operator&gt;&lt;right-operand&gt;]<BR>
<LI> set LED:2000 [LED:2000 + 1]<BR>
will increment the value stored in LED:2000
<LI> set LED:2000 [LED:2000 - 1]
will decrement the value stored in LED:2000
Note that nested operations are supported as well, such as:
<LI> send CC USB1 1 [LED:2000 + [LED:2001 + [LED:2002 + LED:2003]]]
More examples in cfg/tests/runscr5.ngc<BR>
Support operators: + - * / % &amp; | ^
<LI> number of scanned SRIOs now configurable in .NGC file
with 'SRIO num_sr=&lt;1..32&gt;'<BR>
By default 32 DIN and DOUT shift registers are scanned, which
result into an update rate of ca. 420 uS on a STM32F4 based core.<BR>
With (for example) 'sr_num=8' only up to 8 DIN and 8 DOUT SRs will
be scanned anymore, but the update rate is reduced to ca. 110..120 uS
(a little bit more than a quarter due to SR handling overhead)
<LI> corrected DebounceCtr parameter (value was not passed to MIOS32).<BR>
Now also part of the SRIO configuration, use: SRIO debounce_cycles=&lt;1..255&gt;
<LI> added new meta event "KbBreakIsMake:&lt;keyboard-number&gt;" which will
already trigger a note event when the break contact is activated
(nice for playing organ style).<BR>
Trigger it from a toggle button function as shown in cfg/test/kb_5.ngc
Can be optionally set from the terminal as well with following
command: "set kb &lt;keyboard-number&gt; break_is_make &lt;on|off&gt;"
(e.g. "set kb 1 break_is_make on")
<LI> added ain_mode=Toggle for AIN and AINSER events.<BR>
Similar to ain_mode=Switch it can be used if buttons are connected to analog inputs.
The event will toggle between the min and max value.
<LI> .NGR: added "set_no_dump" command. It allows to change the "no_dump" flag
which specifies if an EVENT_xxx should be sent during a DumpSnapshot.<BR>
This feature can be used to handle different snapshot setups.
<LI> STM32F4: support for bootloader "enforce_usb_device" flag
<IMG SRC="images/1x1dot.gif" height=20 ALT=""><BR>
<LI>the STM32F4 variant of the firmware supports USB Host mode!<BR>