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HEADER 3 ChangeLog of MIDIbox NG
<CENTER><H1>MIDIbox NG Change Log</H1></CENTER>
<CENTER><H3>Last Release: 2013-01-29</H3></CENTER>
<CENTER><H3>Last Release: 2013-03-17</H3></CENTER>
<P CLASS=DESC>Current firmware, schematics, additional infos are located at <A HREF="midibox_ng.html"></A>.</P>
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<IMG SRC="images/1x1dot.gif" height=20 ALT=""><BR>
<LI> support for the "single_usb" option, which can be enabled with the
bootloader update application V1.012 ("set usb_single 1")<BR>
Use this option if you are working with a Windows PC which can't handle
the 4 USB ports correctly (e.g. stucking MIDI, Filebrowser operations are failing, etc.)
<LI> added .NGS file which allows to store and restore values into
up to 128 snapshots (0..127).<BR>
The snapshot can be changed in the "Snap" menu in the SCS
<LI> the "Snap" menu also allows to dump all events (e.g. after a new
snapshot has been loaded)
<LI> added new (hopefully selfexplaining) meta events:<BR>
SetSnapshot, DecSnapshot, IncSnapshot, CycleSnapshot, LoadSnapshot,
SaveSnapshot and DumpSnapshot<BR>
Note that multiple meta commands can be assigned to an event, e.g.
to set, auto-load and dump a snapshot from an encoder write:<BR>
EVENT_ENC ... type=Meta meta=SetSnapshot meta=LoadSnapshot meta=DumpSnapshot
<LI> added "no_dump" parameter to EVENT_xxx<BR>
It specifies if an EVENT_xxx should be sent during a DumpSnapshot.<BR>
no_dump=1 is set for EVENT_RECEIVER and EVENT_KB and events which are using
type=Meta by default.<BR>
If such events should be part of the dump, set no_dump=0
For all other events/types no_dump=0 is set by default, set no_dump=1 if
they shouldn't send MIDI events on a snapshot dump.
<LI> new label printf-control "%S" prints the snapshot number 0..127
<IMG SRC="images/1x1dot.gif" height=20 ALT=""><BR>
<LI>added "rgb" parameter.<BR>
See cfg/tests/rgb_*.ngc for various examples.
<LI>added "spread_center" option to AIN/AINSER calibration.<BR>
See cfg/tests/kb_1.ngc for an usage example.
<LI>reduced memory consumption of EVENT_* definitions
<LI>added MIOS Terminal commands: "show id" and "show hw_id"
<IMG SRC="images/1x1dot.gif" height=20 ALT=""><BR>
<LI> added "Autoload" function: whenever a .NGC file has been uploaded via the
MIOS Filebrowser, it will be automatically loaded, so that "load &lt;file&gt;"
doesn't need to be entered in the MIOS Terminal anymore.
<LI> EVENT_LED_MATRIX: now expects the 'colour' parameter to address the
red (colour=0), green (colour=1) or blue (colour=2) LED.<BR>
Note that it's still possible to control the LEDs from a single incoming
MIDI message, e.g. by assigning the 3 EVENT_LED_MATRIX entries to the
same CC number.
But now it's also possible to address the LEDs independent from each other.
<LI> LEDs can now be dimmed with 16 brightness levels over the value range.<BR>
This feature has to be enabled with dimmed=1 in the EVENT_* definition.<BR>
Configuration example: cfg/tests/dimled.ngc
<LI> LEDs in a matrix configuration can be dimmed as well. The dim range is the
same (0..15), but the effective dim level is limited by the number of
scanned rows:
<LI> 4 rows: only 8 levels (0..1, 2..3, 4..5, 6..7, 8..9, 10..11, 12..13, 14..15)
<LI> 8 rows: only 4 levels (0..3, 4..7, 8..11, 12..15)
<LI> 16 rows: only 2 levels (0..7, 8..15)
Configuration example: cfg/tests/dimled_m.ngc
<LI> the new MIOS Terminal command "lcd" allows to directly output a (formatted)
string to the LCD(s).<BR>
E.g. try "lcd @(1:1:1)Hello World!"<BR>
Note that terminal strings can also be sent via SysEx from a DAW:<BR>
F0 00 00 7E 32 00 0D 00 &lt;ascii-text&gt; 0A F7
Accordingly, this SysEx string will print "Hello World!" as well:<BR>
F0 00 00 7E 32 00 0D 00 6C 63 64 20 40 28 31 3A 31 3A 31 29 48 65 6C 6C 6F 20 57 6F 72 6C 64 21 0A F7
<IMG SRC="images/1x1dot.gif" height=20 ALT=""><BR>
<LI> added EVENT_KB. See cfg/tests/kb_*.ngc for usage examples
<LI> new LCD formats: %N prints the note name based on the specified MIDI event,
and %n based on the event value
<LI> new meta event: SwapValues - it swaps the primary and secondary value of an event.<BR>
E.g. on a note event, velocity can be swapped with the key value.<BR>
A usage example can be found in cfg/tests/kb_4.ngc, where the key and velocity
value should be output by separate CV channels
<LI> AIN/AINSER configuration: added pinrange parameter.<BR>
It allows to specify individual ranges for the connected pots to calibrate
the physical min/max limits.
<LI> SCS configuration: added SCS num_items and lcd_pos parameters
<IMG SRC="images/1x1dot.gif" height=20 ALT=""><BR>
<LI> it's now possible to use the same hw_id in multiple event definitions.
This allows for example to send multiple MIDI events from a single
control element (e.g. from a single button)
<LI> the fwd_id now forwards to the event(s) with the given hw_id
(which is the same like the "normal id" if not explicitely specified)
<LI> implemented "conditional events".<BR>
See the <A HREF="midibox_ng_manual_ngc.html">User Manual</A> for details and examples.
<LI> the new meta event UpdateLcd allows to force a refresh of the complete
LCD content. This is especially useful in conjunction with conditional
events: whenever a source value has been changed (e.g. a button state),
all events which have this value in their condition will print out the
label if the specified condition matches.
<IMG SRC="images/1x1dot.gif" height=20 ALT=""><BR>
<LI> LPC17: robustness of LCD driver has been improved
<IMG SRC="images/1x1dot.gif" height=20 ALT=""><BR>
<LI> support for GLCD_SSD1306_ROTATED