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<TITLE>MIOS Studio Help Index</TITLE>
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<CENTER><H1>Change Log</H1></CENTER>
<p><strong>MIOS Studio beta 8.3
<ul><li>Merged codebases between MIOS Studio and SID V2 Editor.</li>
<li>Different complete binaries are built from the same codebase: <br>
MIOSStudio - MIOS Studio standalone <br>
SIDV2Editor - SID V2 Editor standalone <br>
MIOSStudioSID - MIOS Studio with SID V2 Editor integrated<br>
VirtualKeyboard - standalone MIDI keyboard and device routing</li>
<li>Renamed "driver" classes as listed above</li>
<li>Fixed MIDI disconnecting issue under MacOS/mmj</li>
<li>Added MIDI Thru port to MIOS Studio (with option to pass traffic through OUT port as previous) and Virtual Keyboard apps</li>
<li>Fixed dialog box problems (Alt-tab)</li>
<li>Moved MIDI Device selection and MIDI Filters to main toolbar, separate from MIDI Device Routing</li>
<li>Created separate Windows for LCD Message and MIOS Debug Functions</li>
<li>Fixed MIDI keyboard bug (see <a href=",11824.0.html" target="_blank">this post</a>). <br>
<li>Added PgUp, PgDown, Home and End keyboard inputs for all knobs.</li>
<p><strong>MIOS Studio beta 8.2</strong>
<li>Fixed window dragging problem in MIOS Studio</li>
<li>Added Cascade Windows function to MIOS Studio</li>
<p><strong>MIOS Studio beta 8.1</strong>
<li>Added MIOS debug terminal for plain text output instead of cryptic MIDI messages
<p><strong>MIOS Studio beta 8</strong>
Removed references to incomplete features in MIOS Studio</li>
<li>Added upload facility for MIOS32 platform</li>
<p><strong>MIOS Studio beta 7</strong>
<li>Bugfix for the PIC18F4620 chip. </li>
<li> MIDI Filter bugfixes</li>
<li>Experimental support for 14bit controllers</li>
<li>Coloured text in the MIDI Port Monitors </li>
<p><strong>MIOS Studio beta 6</strong>
<p><strong>MIOS Studio beta 5</strong>
<li>Resizeable LCD Message text box </li>
<p><strong>MIOS Studio beta 4.4</strong>
<li>MIOS Functions reference updated with v1.8 documentation</li>
<li>Fixed a problem with 'Release Ports' function in the MIDI Device Routing</li>
<li>More testing with Linux, fixed saving of device routing and now works properly with the GTK look &amp; Feel</li>
<p><strong>MIOS Studio beta 4.3</strong></p>
<li>Includes support for MIOS v1.8 debug functions</li>
<li>MIOS_RESERVED_* functions removed from drop-down list</li>
<p><strong>MIOS Studio beta 4</strong></p>
<li>Documentation browser built-in to MIOS Studio (same documentation is available online)</li>
<li>Ability to setup buttons to call external commands</li>
<li>More improvements to the MIDI Keyboard Controller</li>
<li>Various bug fixes and GUI clean-ups</li>
<p><strong>MIOS Studio beta 3</strong>
<p><strong>MIOS Studio beta 2</strong>
<li>Block size decreased to 256 bytes due to problems with the Java MIDI handler in connection with the MIDI driver for SBLive and USB-MIDI </li>
<p><strong>MIOS Studio beta 1 </strong>
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<CENTER><H1>MIOS Studio Help</H1></CENTER>
<P>For most up to date help, please use your favourite browser to visit the MIOS Studio wiki entry: <BR /><BR /><A href=""></A></P>
<P><a href="changelog.html">Official Changelog</a>