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# Command for creating JavaDoc documentation of all classes.
# Update the package list if more packages are created.
# Update individual files list if more are added to the default package (should only be "driver" classes for launching an app).
# Put in the full path to javadoc binary (eg: "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_11\bin\javadoc.exe") if not in the operating system's PATH environmental variable.
# Run the command from the root directory of the working folder.
javadoc -classpath "." -sourcepath "." -d "doc" -doctitle " Java Documentation" -windowtitle " Java Documentation" -source "1.5" -notimestamp -package -author -version -splitindex org.midibox.mios.gui org.midibox.apps.miosstudiosid.gui org.midibox.sidedit.gui org.midibox.sidedit.gui.multi org.midibox.apps.miosstudio.gui org.midibox.sidlibr.gui org.midibox.apps.virtualkeyboard.gui org.midibox.midi.gui org.midibox.apps.miosstudiosid org.midibox.apps.virtualkeyboard org.midibox.utils org.midibox.sidedit org.midibox.apps.SIDV2librarian.gui org.midibox.midi org.midibox.apps.miosstudio org.midibox.sidedit.gui.lead org.midibox.utils.gui org.midibox.sidedit.gui.bassline org.midibox.sidedit.gui.drum org.midibox.sidedit.gui.controls org.midibox.sidlibr org.midibox.mios org.midibox.apps.SIDV2librarian