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SDCC_FLAGS += -mpic16 -p$(PROCESSOR) --fommit-frame-pointer --optimize-goto --optimize-cmp --disable-warning 85 --obanksel=2
# add default flags for GPLINK
# add files for distribution
DIST += $(MIOS_PATH)/include/makefile/ $(MIOS_PATH)/include/c $(MIOS_PATH)/include/asm
69,7 → 69,7
# note: currently we always require a "cleanall", since dependencies (e.g. on .h files) are not properly declared
# later we could try it w/o "cleanall", and propose the usage of this step to the user
$(PROJECT).hex: cleanall mk_outdir $(addprefix $(OUTDIR)/, $(OBJS))
$(GPLINK) $(GPLINK_FLAGS) -m -o $(PROJECT).hex $(addprefix $(OUTDIR)/, $(OBJS))
$(GPLINK) $(GPLINK_FLAGS) -m -o $(PROJECT).hex $(LIBS) $(addprefix $(OUTDIR)/, $(OBJS))
# default rule for compiling .c programs
# note that the same is required for files located in current, and src/ directory