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are selected or not.
Dedicated SIDs can be played by pressing & holding the appr. SID buttons
before pressing PLAY
o built for MIOS V1.9g (or higher) to support new encoder types.
Rotary encoders won't work with older MIOS versions!
Note that MIOS only has to be updated on the master SID, as encoders
are not connected to SID slaves anyhow.
o a new LED matrix visualisation mode for sammichSID has been added
which is selected with DEFAULT_LEDMATRIX_MODE 2
- Lead and Bassline engine: 6x8 LEDs show VU meters for OSC frequency
- Multi and Drum engine: 6x8 LEDs show animated VU meters for OSC triggers
- ASID player mode: 6x8 LEDs show animated VU meters for OSC triggers
o animated VU meters are a bit faster now
o a special configuration file and prebuilt binary for sammichSID
is now part of the release package -> setup_sammich_sid.hex
- in Bassline mode, CCs could control individual knob parameters for
left/right channel by using the "current" assignment, and selecting