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o PLAY button now plays a chord in superpoly mode
o Mod matrix changes forwarded to all selected SIDs
o fixed arpeggiator note handling bug
o arpeggiator: the previously hardcoded "experimental arp behaviour" switch is now
available as software controlable switch called "Easy Chord".
It has to be enabled in the ARP menu ("Esy" flag)
Difference compared to normal chord entry: depressed keys will still
be cylced by the arpeggiator until a new key is pressed.
This feature is especially useful when slow arpeggios are played, since
it avoids unintended "long notes" on chord changes.
It is not useful if you intend to play a voice like a common lead instrument,
which should turn into a fast arpeggio when more than one key is played
(in this case, ensure that the "Esy" switch is disabled)
o fixed drum model handling (listen to the drum patches again - they sound much better now :)
- in Bassline mode, CCs could control individual knob parameters for
left/right channel by using the "current" assignment, and selecting